Are there entries in /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk  for the powerdevices in the global 
and non-global zones? Does format in the global zone display them?  Also check 
the output of zonecfg  -z <yourzone> info to make sure you really added the 
Does the EMC inq command tell you they are there?

[ASHIT] Yes there are entries for these power devices in the Globla in 
But there are no entries in the /dev/[r]dsk in the non-global zone.
Format command in the global zone displays that but format command in 
non-global zone doesn't display that.
I checked the 'zonecfg -z <zone> inof' command and the entries are there.

[ASHIT] So you say that exporting raw devices to non-global zone may not be 
good practice?
Also, did you mean that once a zone is configured, it's not possible to export 
devices to non-global zone? I tried to add device handles and even zfs volume 
as device to an existent non-global zone and it works.

I am still struggling to get the things done. 
My aim is to use emc power device in non-global zone to create filesystems..
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