If I want to create zonenames that are known to be unique across a set of nodes, one way to do this is to use fully qualified domain names as the zonenames. But this might run into the current limit of the zonename length.

Looking at the source I see:
 * The zone support infrastructure uses the zone name as a component
 * of unix domain (AF_UNIX) sockets, which are limited to 108 characters
 * in length, so ZONENAME_MAX is limited by that.
#define ZONENAME_MAX            64

However, this isn't correct. I don't think Solaris has limited AF_UNIX sockets to 108 characters in the last 15 years or so.

AF_UNIX is actually limited to MAXPATHLEN, which is 1024 or 2048. Each component of the filename can be at most 256 (MAXNAMELEN).

Thus the limit isn't due to AF_UNIX, but due to the filename of the xml file in /etc/zones/*.xml. That implies a zonename limit of 252 characters (with .xml adding 4 to reach 256.)

Are there other reasons for limiting this to 64?


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