I followed the guide 
(http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/819-2450/gcgnc?l=en&a=view) from sun to move 
a working zone into a new server with the same configuration.

I executed those commands :

tar xf myzone.tar --> to /export/zones/myzone
zonecfg -z myzone
create -a /export/zones/myzone

all was ok

when I wanted to attach, I got this message
r...@ns358375:/# zoneadm -z proxiproduits attach -u
pkg: No image rooted at '/export/zones/proxiproduits/root' (set by $PKG_IMAGE)
Usage: Unable to get preferred publisher information for zone '%s'.
usage:  attach [-F] [-n <path>] [brand-specific args]
        Attach the zone to the system.  The zone state must be 'configured'
        prior to attach; upon successful completion, the zone state will be
        'installed'.  The system software on the current system must be
        compatible with the software on the zone's original system.
        Specify -F to force the attach and skip software compatibility tests.
        The -n option can be used to specify 'no-execute' mode.  When -n is
        used, the information needed to attach the zone is read from the
        specified path and the configuration is only validated.  The path can
        be '-' to specify standard input.  The -F and -n options are mutually
        exclusive.  All other arguments are passed to the brand attach
        function; see brands(5) for more information.

I could do a 
zoneadm -z myzone verify
 without any message

zoneadm -z myzone boot  and I got
zone 'myzone': could not stat /export/zones/myzone/root/sbin/init: No such file 
or directory

The /export/zones/myzone/root/sbin/init exists...

Does anyone have a solution or a clue?

thank you for help
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