On 05/19/10 14:08, Philippe Bürgisser wrote:

thank your for your answer, I updated my initial message, myzone corresponds to 
"proxiproduits" but I wanted to change the real name for the forum, my 

Anyway, after running the command zoneadm -z myzone attach -u, I get the same 
error message...

When using OpenSolaris and moving the zone
from one system to the other by hand you have
to be really knowledgeable about manually
creating the zfs datasets properly or else things
won't work right.  In order to make this work better
without requiring so much work, we've added a
new option to the attach subcommand.  This is
the -a option which allows you to pass in the path
to your archive.  Using this you can do something
like the following:

# zoneadm -z myzone attach -a {path}/myzone.tar -u

This will create all of the necessary datasets, unpack
the archive into the zonepath root, then update the
image as needed.  If you want to try this you should
clean up your existing zonepath and let zoneadm just
do all of the work.

This still doesn't work very well when you also want
to use the detached zone on the zonecfg create
step, as you did.  There is more work we really need
to do here to make all of this seamless.  If you want
to manually do the steps to set up the zonepath then
you need to understand how the zfs datasets are
setup with one dataset on the zonepath and another
on the zonepath/root.  This is pretty error prone and
probably not something most people will want to do,
which is why we added the -a option.

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