I just released zonemgr 2.0.7 Release Candidate 2.  You can download it at http://dl.thezonemanager.com.

Three new features deliver a powerful punch.
 * Added multi-zone support.
 * Enabled default zone naming in order to remove the requirement of specifying the zone name.
 * Enabled default non-global root user password by using the password of the root user of the global zone.  This
    removes the requirement of specifying the root user password.

With this combination of these features, you can do things like...
 * Add 10 zones with:  zonemgr -a add -o "dCount|10"
 * Delete 3 specific zones with: zonemgr -a del -n "zone1|zone3|zone4"
 * Assign a common memory and CPU constraint to multiple zones: zonemgr -a modify -n 'z1|z2|z3' -p 'ram|1g' -p 'dcpu|1'

Below you will find the full set of new features and bugs fixed.

New features introduced in zonemgr 2.0.7 
 * When adding a zone, add support for specifying autoboot, comment, and bootargs via -o option.  As a result of this new feature, the -A feature for disabling autoboot has been depricated.
 * When adding or cloning a zone, if the root user password of the new non-global zone is not specified via -P or -E, the root user password of the global zone is inherited by the new non-global zone.
 * Made sparse root filesystem list inherit default values from the contents of the /etc/zones/SUNWdefault.xml file of the global zone.
 * When creating a whole root zone, use /etc/zones/SUNWdefault.xml to determine what directories should be removed (un-inherited) from the zone configuration.
 * Added the ability to add and remove directory inheritance via -o "addDir|/dir1[|/dir2|...]" or -o "rmDir|/dir1[|/dir2|...]". 
 * Addedd ability to delete a device from the non-global zone via -a modify -m "del|device|<match_value>".
 * Added support for modifying the default router.
 * Added support for FSS cpu shares with -p 'scpu|number'. 
 * Added status action to list the status of all non-global zones.  The status action shows the state of the zones, the number of frequency of CPUs visible within the zones, and the zone uptime information.
 * Saved JASS output into its own log file.
 * Added the ability to apply resource management controls immediately.  This removed the need to reboot the zone when applying resource constraints.
 * Added support for multiple zonemgr invocations within a single input config file.  Use 'newcmd' to delimit between zonemgr invocations.
 * Added support for comments within input config file.
 * Unified the file format and location of all artifacts.  e.g. artifacts are files like output, log files, and configuration files.  Each invocation of the zonemgr script results in the creation of a new folder in ${HOME}/.zonemgr/<yearMonthDayHourMinuteSecond>) where the folder name is the current date and time.  All artifacts created for that invocation are stored in that directory.
 * With the addition of support for multiple zonemgr invocations as well as multiple zone actions, the artifacts have been broken out per action.
 * Provide option (-o keep_artifiacts) to keep and list of all artifacts created during the invocation of the zonemgr command.  The default action is to remove all artifacts upon successful completion of the zonemgr.
 * Added new service management mode called 'jail'.  This disables all but the very bare necessities including ssh to keep the zone running.
 * Added -o debug option to enable debuging.
 * Expanded the context of -n <zonename> to support multiple pipe delimited zone names.  e.g. -n "zone1[|zone2|zone3|...].  This applies to nearly all actions.  For example, now you can add 3 zones with zonemgr -a add -n "z1|z2|z3".
 * Removed requirement to speicfy a zone name by using a default zone name. If you run zonemgr without specifying a zonename (e.g. -n <zonename>), it will use a default zonename of zone#### where #### is an incrementing number with prefixed zeros to keep the number four digits in length. This feature also finds the next available zone name in order to avoid errors when creating a new zone.  For example, if zones zone0001, zone0002, and zone0005 exist.  When I add 3 new zones with -o "dCount|3", zonemgr will create zones zone0003, zone0004, and zone0006.
 * Add the ability to name the prefix used by the default zone namer via -o "dPrefix|<prefix>".  The default prefix is 'zone'.  For example, if no zones exist with the prefix 'mysql' exist, creating three new zones with the 'mysql' prefix via -o "dPrefix|mysql" -o "dCount|3" will result in three new zones named mysql0001, mysql0002, and mysql0003.
 * Simplified the service restart flag format to support both multiple invocations of -S <svc> as well as a single invocation with multiple svcs with a single -S "<svc1>[|<svc2>|<svc3>|...]" format.
 * Reformatted all of the documentation to conform to a 80 character width format.

Bugs fixed in zonemgr 2.0.7
 * Fixed bug where applying a swap resource control to a non-global zone failed because multiple swaps exist in global zone.
 * Added error handling to explain why clone action copies instead of snapshoting the root zone filesystem.
 * Fixed bug where zonecfg fails if TERM=xterm-color.
 * Fixed bug where lofi/lofs filesystems were forced to readonly even for -w.
 * Fixed bug where netservices was not found.
 * Fixed bug in ck4fs bug in check_fs.
 * Quotes of -m flag are being ignored by optarg when inputed by input config file (e.g. -f inputFile.cfg)
 * Modifying comment used wrong input field.
 * Fixed bug that prevented nameserver entry not getting into /etc/resolv.conf
 * Removed resource modification from -m option portion of help page.
 * Switched loghost of non-global zone to loopback.
 * Documented consequences of changing the defrouter for shared ip zones.
 * Consolidated all of the zone state checking into a handful of subroutines.
 * Added zfs filesystem check to see if zfs filesystem is already in use.
 * Added zone path check to see if path is already in use by another zone.
 * Made list action include only non-global zones.
 * Fixed bug with NFS vfstab entry construction.
 * Fixed bug relative to unmount NFS and SMB filesystems when deleting zone.
 * Fixed post-install reboot wait frmi.
 * Fixed bugs with zone cloning
 * Added informational message to explain a specific case when cloning copies the zone instead of using a snapshot from the zfs filesystem.
 * Propegated the root password from the source zone when cloning a zone.
 * Add better error handling when destroying the root ZFS filesystem of a zone being deleted.  e.g. Don't delete the filesystem if it has dependencies or is a pool.
 * Unify zone shutdown/halt
 * Re-wrote modify action for simplification and greater clarity.
 * Multiple swaps in global zone caused error when assigning a swap resource control to a zone.
 * Fixed many documentation bugs.

As always, if you find bugs, please fix them and send me the fixes.

Thanks again and enjoy!

Brad Diggs | Principal Security Sales Consultant | +1.972.814.3698
Oracle North America Technology Organization
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