add to /etc/system something like (value depends on your needs)

* limit greedy ZFS to 4 GiB
set zfs:zfs_arc_max = 4294967296

And yes, this has nothing to do with zones :-).


On 03/06/2010, Ketan <> wrote:
> We are having a server running zfs root with 64G RAM and the system has 3
> zones running oracle fusion app and zfs cache is using 40G memory as per
> kstat zfs:0:arcstats:size.   and system shows only 5G of memory is free rest
> is taken by kernel and 2 remaining zones.
> Now my problem is that fusion guys are getting not enough memory message
> while starting their application due to top and vmstat shows 5G as free
> memory. But i read ZFS cache releases memory as required by the application
> so why fusion application is not starting up. Is there some we can do to
> decrease the ARC Cache usage on the fly without rebooting the global zone ?
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