Ketan wrote:
> Let me know what command you want me to run on it for kstat  /truss  
> as per kstat zfs:0:zrcstats:size the size is approximately 40G

Since there are a bunch of ways that the problem that Jason King was
describing could manifest, I think the only way to do this would be to
get the system in a state where Fusion consistently fails to run, and
then start it up with:

        truss -fo /tmp/fusion.out fusion-command-and-args...

You'd then have to grovel through the /tmp/fusion.out and find out what
leads up to the failure and see if there's anything suspicious there.

Since Fusion is Oracle and OpenSolaris and ZFS are Oracle, maybe there's
another possibility.  This could be one of those cases where that
hoped-for "synergy" might kick in.  ;-}

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