I have a virtual machine (VirtualBox) with Windows to download Torrent files 
(because at the time I set it up uTorrent was (and still is) way beyond any 
other torrent client). I do this because I have a second internet connection to 
get and serve torrents (local ISPs only offer 256kbps upstream -- no 
That means my current machine has two NICs, one to the LAN (nge0) and the other 
to the Cablemodem (rge0). The VM is bridged to both interfaces, so I can access 
it from the LAN and it gets Internet from its own (the LAN doesn't use the VM's 
internet connection, there is a router with a separate internet connection for 

So, I'd like to run [the torrent client] Transmission (and possibly JDownloader 
or Firefox) inside their own X11 session (persistent VNC, so anyone in the LAN 
can log in to it and queue torrents). Doing it with a VM works great, but takes 
lots of resources (mostly RAM, and it's also a little unresponsive sometimes). 

So I tried the VNC server - worked great. It was very responsive and resource 
usage was low. But I can't route that traffic to a different route. On Linux I 
would use UID routing, and have all the traffic from that user routed to the 
second NIC, but AFAIK, Solaris (ipfilter) doesn't have this functionality - or 
does it? 

The other option would be to use a Zone with physical networking, but zones 
won't let me mix physical and virtual networking (bridge one interface to the 
local LAN and use the physical to the Internet), or it didn't when I tried a 
few months ago. Is my only option to add a third NIC to the machine and have 
local traffic go through it? It would work but it's not pretty.

Or does anyone have a better idea?

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