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For load balanced failover, you have several options available.  On the load balancer side of the equation, you could use
a standard load balancing switch such as F5, Cisco CSS and Foundry.  Alternatively, you could also use balance or its 
commercial equivalent, BalanceNG.  The article titled Taking a load off: Load balancing with balance provides a good 
overview of how to use balance.

On the zones side of things, create as many non-global zones as you like per physical server.  The only hard requirement
per zone is that each non-global must have its own IP address.

I will see if I can throw together a howto on my blog some time this week.


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I am a beginner in opensolaris and zones. I have installed OHAC on opensolaris 2009.06. I want to have apache data service failover two zones.
Please suggest me some tutorial or some way of doing it.
Thanks in advance

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