You (gaurav saxena) wrote:
> Hello Brad
> Actually I am a student and I am doing this all for learning purposes. And
> the load balancing is not applicable on my case. I have installed ha-cluster
> on opensolaris in my system and I have created two zones in it and I want to
> make the apache data service failover from global zone to local zone.

I'm not quite sure, but I doubt, that that might work...

You can failover local-zone to local-zone, of global to global, but I doubt,
that you can failover from local to global or vice versa... Sadly, I've never
done it... So, I'm only assuming...

> I am confused over something like after installing zone in "/node1" I see
> that "/node1" contains a single directory "/node1/root" and this directory
> is empty. So I am confused over this is the directory always empty or I have
> done some mistake.

I assume, you have two nodes. Node1 and node2. On node1 you have your
local-zone. Therefore there should be something there. But not on node2, as
it's not yet failed-over. It should be there on node2 AFTER failover. But,
that requires some kind of shared storage.

What's where when highly depends on the setup of all those things. Is the app
inside the localzone the thing that fails over? Then you should have zones on
BOTH nodes available. If it's the ZONE, that's failing over, then you only see
it ONCE, at the node, that's currently hosting the zone.

So, these are very complex scenarios, and as said, are better discussed on the
cluster aliases... 

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