Hello all

Thank you all very much for your help. :)

So, as you also got some answers on the ha-clusters-disc...@opensolaris.org
> alias from Lisa and Ashutosh, did you dive deeper into the documentation?
> They
> both pointed out, that the docu does contain the CLI commands, and only
> rarely
> do use the GUI/BUI. So, there are examples, on how to set up the zones and
> on
> how to set up applications inside zones...
Yes I am going through the documentation.

> To answer your question. Where the zone-root-path lies, and what's in it,
> also
> depends on what you give as options to the zoneadm command...

I created a zfs filesystem named "node1" on the "rpool" and then mounted it
at "/node1" and then I set zonepath as "/node1" in the zonecfg command

I used the command "zoneadm -z node1 install" for installing the zone. I got
this command from documentation and tutorials. Is something wrong in this ?
I have tried this all on solaris10 too but using sun cluster3.2 but then I
got problem and now I know that it does not work on 32 bit system so. but
installing and using zones is much simpler and very easy on solaris 10 and
It does not need to create a zfs filesystem too and when I created zones
there were files created as in global zone in the local zones but its not
like that in opensolaris :(.

> Yes, as far as I
> know, there's no difference in behaviour between Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris
> in
> the zoneadm command... But, again, I also do not use zones on
> OpenSolaris...
I had consulted OHAC manual for opensolaris 2009.06 available on Sun's site
only so I think that command would be correct.

Hi Gaurave et all,
> you can do failover  vrom global to local as well.
> Detlef
Thanks Detlef I had seen this is one of the tutorials on cluster so I was
thinking for the same.

Here is the link to my blog post.
> Fail-over Load Balancing of Zoned Apache 
> Instances<http://www.thezonemanager.com/2010/06/fail-over-load-balancing-of-zoned.html>
> Have a great day!
> Brad
Thanks for that but I don't think I can do it using cluster and I have to
use cluster only. :(

Thanks and Regards ,
Gaurav Saxena
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