2010/6/29 Matthias Pfützner <matth...@pfuetzner.de>

> Even in Solaris 10, there's the FMA or SMF, so there no longer is any need
> for
> a "startx"... ;-)

Ok I got that now. :)

> That then implies, that on the console of the systems, if they have a
> graphics
> card, you should see an ordinary graphical login screen...
I am using opensolaris on virtualbox not on real system. Graphics was
working perfectly before I installed cluster using scinstall so I thought
may be its because of that.

> If not, it fails for some bizarre reasons, and therefore you should check
> the
> X log files:
>  cat /var/log/Xorg.0*
I did cat /var/log/Xorg.log that was the file on my system its a very large
file and contains all the information about the various drivers and all. I
was able to find details about the video driver and all and there were no
problems logged.

> But, I assume, what you really wanted was a remote login, right? Assuming,
> that your systems are connected to a network (otherwise the cluster would
> not
> work properly), you can log into the system via SSH (telnet is disabled by
> default!), and as an ordinary user (remote root login is disabled also by
> default), and then use
>          pfexec su -
> to become root...
I think I can use my host system to connect to the opensolaris in virtualbox
I will try this thanks for this suggestion. :)

> Yes, there's no startx, as that's done via the SMF stuff, but "xhost +"
> (remember, there's a space between the "xhost" and the "+") should work, as
> long as you had been logged in via the GUI... ;-)
Its still giving an error :
bash: xhost : command not found

> And you also can remotely directly log into the zones via ssh into their
> respective IP-adresses or network names...
>     -bash-3.2$ which xhost
>     /usr/X11/bin/xhost
>     -bash-3.2$
> So, all this has nothing to do with cluster... ;-)
>    Matthias
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Ok I try doing ssh.

Thanks and Regards ,
Gaurav Saxena
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