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> That is...is there a mechanism provided to do this?
> As an afterthought, this also applies to non-global zones, although
> one can stick something in the oem-banner eeprom variable that is identically 
> visible on all the zones, which is not the case on LDOMs.

In many environments, the lack of visibility of such detail is
considered to be a good thing.  In many environments the lack of
visibility equates to complexity.  My workarounds and tricks are:


When building the zone, either copy /etc/nodename to
$zonepath/root/etc/globalname or add an equivalent lofs mount (be sure
to set as read-only...).  If you build from a standard template, you
can add an lofs mount to your template that would automatically
perform the lofs mount of the global zone's /etc/nodename to the
non-global zone's /etc/globalname.


When building the ldom, use ldm set-variable to set nvramrc to have
the same type of information that would be put in nvramrc by sneep.
You should be sure that your migration process hooks into this to
update it.

Domains on 12k/15k/20k/25k:

Look at the output of ndd -get /dev/dman man_get_hostinfo.  The SC's
IP address will be available there.  You can telnet or ssh to the SC
from the domain (assuming you are running the the default config).

Domains on M-Series

Look at the output of "ifconfig sppp0".  That will provide an IP
address that you can use to log into the service processor to figure
out which one it is.

For zones (after Solaris 10) and LDoms, I think it is quite feasible
to set up a "in the box only" network where the .1 address would be
the global zone or primarly LDom.  You could then have a very simple
(internal) network facing service running on the global zone / primary
ldom that spits out the nodename.  Then, anyone in a non-global zone /
guest LDom could simply connect to a well known port and read a line
of text to get the name of the box where it is hosted.

Mike Gerdts
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