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> Thank you so much for your answer!
> So, when I thought that I cannot install a whole root zone, in fact I had 2 
> already installed...that's funny :)
> I have to admit that I checked the files in /etc/zones and I was a little bit 
> surprised by their (lack of) content regarding inherited dirs, but I thought 
> this should be hard-coded somewhere else...whatever...
> Is this documented somewhere else, besides bugs.opensolaris.org ? Cause I've 
> read quite a few pages about zones before starting to install one, and I 
> don't recall any mention of this...OK, I admit I didn't check 
> bugs.opensolaris.org, but as a beginner I don't read the bugs database :)

Completely misleading information is available at
 Note that it talks about Solaris 10 rather than OpenSolaris and is
correct from the Solaris 10 perspective.  I'm not aware of any docs
that are correct from the OpenSolaris perspective.

Mike Gerdts
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