it's standard to allocate disk/ram/cpu/net resources in zones ... but what 
about video card output? or usb keyboard input?
my larger goal is: create a 'poor mans' pseudo-sunray-like server/client setup 
using zones. i envision two, duel headed video cards (nvidia fx380) for a total 
of four distinct hd monitor output and four distinct usb keyboard inputs(with 
usb mouse attached to keyboard) all served up from my sun ultra27 running 
osol.20xx.xx. the idea is to leverage my available resources. essentially, i 
can turn one workstation into four, for the cost of just 3 more monitors and 
three more keyboards/mouse.
as far as i can tell, this should be more efficient than a sunray setup, but 
would cost a few thousand less (per year).
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