On Jul 7, 2010, at 4:42 PM, Günther Schmidt wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> I'm glad you answered, will you tell me how you managed?
> I've installed vncserver into the zone, but running it just doesn't have any 
> effect.
> Günther

Which version of Solaris are you running?  It looks like its installed by 
default in U7 and U8 (I didn't have to install anything, it was there already).

First, you should run:

svcadm enable xvnc-inetd

to turn it on.  Then make sure /usr/X/bin and /usr/X11/bin are in your PATH.
Then just run vncserver.  The first time it will prompt you for a password and 
create the default VNC startup directory and scripts.

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