On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 11:48:24PM -0700, Sunay Tripathi wrote:
> On 07/26/10 11:37 PM, Gary Pennington wrote:
> >On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 10:54:24PM -0700, Sunay Tripathi wrote:
> >>Guys,
> >>
> >>I think we had discussed allowing a ipkg brand zone to be installed
> >>without a network i.e. going to a repo if I already have a installed
> >>system running. Can someone tell the correct options? I am trying
> >>the -d option but that fails ...
> >># zoneadm -z test install -d /
> >>pkg list: no packages matching 'entire' installed
> >>you must specify -u (sys-unconfig) or -p (preserve identity).
> >>brand-specific usage:
> >>         install {-a archive|-d path} {-p|-u} [-s|-v]
> >>
> >
> >I surmise that your test system no longer has the 'entire' package, 
> >probably
> >because you have used onu on it. The procedure for creating the zone
> >depends on locating the 'entire' package, so it is failing because it can't
> >locate it. (onu removes the entire package.)
> >
> >You could re-install 'entire'...
> Kinda hard since I can only use external repositories. I compiled
> one of the newer builds and thats what I am running so can't install
> entire from b134. Is there a workaround or its just not possible
> to create a zone?

I'm not aware of a straightforward workaround.

You might be able to setup a repository using your built packages and
then install the "on-nightly" incorporation and hack up the zone install
scripts to use "on-nightly" in place of "entire". I haven't tried
doing this, but it *should/could* work...

> >This kind of problem makes me wonder if (in the future) we need an
> >enhancement which allows a user to specify exactly which packages/
> >incorporations should be installed into a zone, rather than just assuming 
> >it
> >will be entire. Something like
> >
> >zoneadm -z test install -d / -t MyOwnIncorporation,MyOtherIncorporation
> >
> >(-t for 'target packge', I can't suggest -p because it is already used.)
> That would be nice. BTW, if -d / is specified, you could look into
> /var/pkg and pretty much get all the packages already installed in gz
> and just use that. I don't know enough of pkg internal structure but 
> there must be a catalog (of installed packages) somewhere which
> should all be available in /var/pkg/*
> I just noticed
> "Bug 14684 -  zone attach incorporation logic needs enhancement"
> as well. How were you planning on fixing it?

This has been fixed. See the CR:


> >
> >It would, of course, be the user's responsibilty to make sure that this
> >list of packages resulted in a bootable zone (although we could also
> >process the list to guarantee it was a useful/bootable zone.).
> >
> >>Can't find the ipkg manpage also. BTW, it would be good to allow
> >>a equivalent of native zone to be created without much fuss :) and
> >>perhaps the default should be along those lines (instead of
> >>needing a repo).
> >>
> >
> >man ipkg(5)
> Ah.. For a change Dr. google doesn't have the answer but the manpage
> is on the system :)
> Cheers,
> Sunay

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