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>> Now, if you want to account for cpu utilization by children,
>> why not use the pr_ctime member of the psinfo structure?
>> As far as I understand it, that collects cpu for child processes
>> that exit, so why can't that be used instead of monkeying
>> about with extended accounting?
>> What am I overlooking here?
> I haven't explored an algorithm for tracking that.  At some point, the child
> is running, in which case I may have added its current usage to the zone's
> usage.  When the children exit later, I would need to figure out the parent
> the usage was added to so I can avoid double counting usage I've already
> charged to the zone.

Well, no, you just create the process tree and walk down it from the top.

Some might worry about missing data from a child that exits while you're
doing the measurement; I tend not to worry too much, because you'll
catch it on the next interval in any event.

> The other bit to solve would be zone-entered processes, which will have a
> parent in the global zone.  The usage by the"in-the-zone" children would
> bubble up to a parent in the global zone.  This would certainly be wrong.

Well, how common are zone-entered processes? And how should they be
accounted for anyway? (What sort of examples do we have?)


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