Hello Benr,

I had read all the reply of your query posted on this blog. I have the same 
matching query with the others. As i had configured the non-global zone on nfs 
shared folder(nfsserver) and this shared folder is mapped onto another 
host(testzone). I am able to configured and see the status of non-global zone 
on both the hosts(nfsserver $ testzone). 
I sucessfully detach my test zone from nfsserver but not able to attached onto 
testzone as showing the error as zonepath is configured on nfs share folder, 
local file system must be configured.
Please let me know, if you have any of solution for this problem as of this i 
am not able to attache the non-global zone onto my testzone box. Once it get 
attach then can make it boot and can be used.
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