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>> the problem with exporting the tape device to a NGZ, which although
>> not "supported" can be achived as you mention,
>> is that there's no way to exclusive assign that particular tape device
>> to a particular NGZ or to restrict access from the GZ or any other
>> NGZ to that same tape device. that might become a problem
>> if several different users try to use that tape from different
>> NGZs or a NGZ and the GZ, that access may produce a somewhat
>> questionable end result that care must be taken here when
>> setting up such configuration.
> Where do you see a difference from many different users trying to access  
> the same tape from the Global Zone?

technically there is no difference here.

but from an administrative point of view there is.
the zone administration (zones "root") is often
"delegated" to some other person(s) then the one
administering the GZ. the zones "root" position
may be fullfilled by an internal or external client
of the entity that administers and own the GZ and
the corresponding HW itself.

one must just be more aware of the fact that there's no
restricted access to such a tape device then in normal
situations because its so easy to forgett that
you've given away the tape device so some NGZ
in the past.

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