This might be a naive question, but I'm wondering how I can set up
an Exclusive-IP zone for an ftp/telnet/rlogin/rsh server?

I can access the global zone from the exclusive zone w/ ftp/telnet/rlogin/rsh,
but I cannot in the other way like:

         [global zone]                [exclusive-IP zone]

         ftp/rlogin/telnet/rsh        =>   NG
                                  OK  <=   ftp/rlogin/telnet/rsh


           // exclusive-IP => global

            r...@wave189-zone:~# ftp
            Connected to
            220 wave189.West.Sun.COM FTP server ready.
            Name ( 

           // global => exclusive-IP

            r...@wave189: ~ # ftp
            ftp: connect: Connection refused

svcs doesn't show any info about them on the exclusive-IP zone.


     r...@wave189: ~ # svcs ftp
     STATE          STIME    FMRI
     online         10:07:25 svc:/network/ftp:default


     r...@wave189-zone:~# svcs ftp
     svcs: Pattern 'ftp' doesn't match any instances
     STATE          STIME    FMRI


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