I have 2 zones on a disk that I have mounted from a dead system.

bertha/zones                       6.86G   126G    24K  /mnt/export/zones
bertha/zones/bz1                   6.05G   126G    24K  /mnt/export/zones/bz1
bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT              6.05G   126G    21K  legacy
bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT/zbe          6.05G   126G  6.05G  legacy
bertha/zones/bz2                    821M   126G    24K  /mnt/export/zones/bz2
bertha/zones/bz2/ROOT               821M   126G    21K  legacy
bertha/zones/bz2/ROOT/zbe           821M   126G   821M  legacy

Can I somehow transfer these zones from this disk to a new system?

  Robert Hartzell
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