On 08/25/10 01:19 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
On 08/26/10 06:27 AM, Robert Hartzell wrote:

Ian, sorry it took a while to get back to you. When I import the pool
this is what i get.

pfexec zpool import -R /mnt bertha

ls /mnt
bertha export var

zfs list | grep bertha
bertha 102G 126G 84K /mnt/bertha
bertha/ROOT 34.6G 126G 19K legacy
bertha/ROOT/snv_134 34.6G 126G 10.9G /mnt
bertha/Vbox 46.9G 126G 46.9G /mnt/export/Vbox
bertha/dump 2.00G 126G 2.00G -
bertha/export 8.09G 126G 31K /mnt/export
bertha/export/home 8.09G 51.9G 8.01G /mnt/export/home
bertha/mail 1.58M 5.00G 1.16M /mnt/var/mail
bertha/swap 4G 130G 181M -
bertha/zones 6.86G 126G 24K /mnt/export/zones
bertha/zones/bz1 6.05G 126G 24K /mnt/export/zones/bz1
bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT 6.05G 126G 21K legacy
bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT/zbe 6.05G 126G 6.05G legacy
bertha/zones/bz2 821M 126G 24K /mnt/export/zones/bz2
bertha/zones/bz2/ROOT 821M 126G 21K legacy
bertha/zones/bz2/ROOT/zbe 821M 126G 821M legacy

pfexec zoneadm -z bz1 attach -d bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT/zbe
Log File: /var/tmp/bz1.attach_log.bgaqcT
ERROR: Unable to create the zone's ZFS dataset.

Please post the config for the zone.

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE zone PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems Inc//DTD Zones//EN" "file:///usr/share/lib/xml/dtd/zonecfg.dtd.1">
    DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE.  Use zonecfg(1M) instead.
<zone name="bz1" zonepath="/export/zones/bz1" autoboot="false" brand="ipkg" ip-type="exclusive">
  <network address="" physical="vnic2"/>

I also noticed that I cant change the mount point from legacy because the data set is in a non global zone. All I really need is to recover the mysql database from the zone.

  Robert Hartzell
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