if U create mirror  zfs root pool by attach the 2nd disk
one need to install bootblk on the 2nd vdev
if U install mirror root pool during the installation then bootblk are already installed on both vdev
not sure this ur issues:-(

On 8/25/2010 7:14 PM, Robert Hartzell wrote:
On 08/25/10 03:23 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
On 08/26/10 10:16 AM, Robert Hartzell wrote:
Ok I was able to change the zoned property and mount to another
location. I was able to recover the database... but still couldn't
attach the zone.
Now I can get back to working on getting the disk to boot again.

Thanks for all the help.

No problem, just remember - backups are a wonderful thing!

Oh yes I know... Bacula is awesome! I have complete backups thats not the issue. I rebuilt the system with new disks and restored from backups last week.

I am trying to figure out what the reason is for having a mirrored rpool. In this case the first disk failed and the second disk wont complete booting up for some reason. The disk is fine.

If I import the rpool from the second disk to another system most of the zfs file systems are not available so the data can't be retrieved. If I boot with install media and import the pool the zone datasets are still not available and I have the same issue with exporting/importing the zones.

Too bad there isn't a tool somewhere that's designed to recover an rpool thats healthy but for some reason won't boot.

Anyways it was just an exercise on trying to recover a down system.

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