helllo all,
i'm using zonestat 1.4 on a Sun T2000, Solaris 10 u8.
I got this error:
fury-root% /etc/scripts/zonestat_1.4.pl
/bin/echo 'pages_pp_maximum/D;segspt_minfree/D' | mdb -k
/usr/sbin/zoneadm list -v
/usr/bin/svcs -H pools
/bin/ps -eo zone,pset,pid,comm | grep ' [z]*sched'
/usr/bin/ipcs -mbZ
/bin/prstat -cZn 1 0 1
Illegal division by zero at /etc/scripts/zonestat_1.4.pl line 580, <D> line 1.
Broken Pipe

I've antoher Sun T2000, but with Solaris 10 u4, and the same program works well.

Anybody has ever seen this error?

thanks in advaznce for help,


PS: what's happening with zonestat on opensolaris.org? the web pages doesn't show the files to download, even after i logged in
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