I believe that you are correct in your comment about running VirtualBox
in a zone.  Why I haven't attempted it myself, I believe that VirtualBox
will not work from a zone because VirtualBox needs to load kernel modules.

here is an example:

ultra20 /root 401 # modinfo | grep -i vbox
175 fffffffff85127f0    a88 345   1  vboxnet (VirtualBox NetAdp 3.1.4r57640)
177 fffffffff8682000  24de8 344   1  vboxdrv (VirtualBox HostDrv
250 fffffffff89e2000   6a20 346   1  vboxflt (VirtualBox NetDrv 3.1.4r57640)
250 fffffffff89e2000   6a20   -   1  vboxflt (VirtualBox NetMod 3.1.4r57640)
251 fffffffff89e9000   4598 347   1  vboxusbmon (VirtualBox USBMon
252 fffffffff89ee000   6de8 348   1  vboxusb (VirtualBox USB 3.1.4r57640)
ultra20 /root 402 # uname -a
SunOS ultra20 5.11 snv_130 i86pc i386 i86pc
ultra20 /root 403 #


On 09/30/10 15:55, Ian Collins wrote:

> I don't think you can install VirtualBox in a zone.  If you are using
> VirtualBox, you can use the same networking tricks to get isolation as
> you would use for a zone.
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