I am still confused. "cjg" wrote at the very bottom, that it is possible to 
shutdown internet connection to the global zone and provided a link. I dont 
understand what the link says, as I am a Solaris noob. Can someone explain? 

I dont feel I have a definitive answer. Is it possible to shut down internet 
connection to the global zone, or not? And if it is possible, how do I do it? 
Just by "ifconfig e1000g0 down" or something similar?

Regarding VirtualBox. According to the book "Oracle Solaris 10 System 
Virtualization Essentials" by Victor, et al, it says that it is possible to 
install VirtualBox into the global zone and startup VirtualBox in a local zone 
and install the virtual machine in the local zone. The syntax is this:
# zonecfg ....
add device
 set match=/dev/vboxdrv

Hence, you just configure your zone as usual, but you also add the above lines 
when you configure your local zone. Then you can fire up VirtualBox in the 
local zone.

Regarding "exclusive-ip" in the zone configuration. If I set "exclusive-ip" to 
a vnic, then no other zone can access the vnic. That is the reason I want to 
use exclusive-ip.
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