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> Mike thanks for the quick response.
> It seems that it may be sufficient to add a read-only mount to each
> zone as you recommended. I'll give that a try.
> However, now I am curious to know why I dont get a value (true or false)
> when I run " #pkgparam SOMEpackage". When I installed SOMEpackage in the
> Global i did NOT use the -G option. Based on what i read and your
> explanation below not having the -G option will automatically install
> SOMEpackage on all the non-global zones. Are you saying that the developer
> of SOMEpackage can opt out of entering "true" or "false" for
> SUNW_PKG_THISZONE? In which case that means that the default may be "true"
> (even though its not explicit) and thats why SOMEpackage is not propagating
> to the non-global zones? I apreciate the help and explanations Mike.

By default packages will install into all non-global zones that are
that native brand.  That is, if SUNW_PKG_THISZONE is not set to true,
it should install into all native brand (or unbranded, depending on
vintage of the OS) zones.

Expanding on the assumptions I made earlier... "uname -sr" in the
global zone should say "SunOS 5.10".  It should say the same in each
non-global zone.  If you are using Solaris 8/9 Containers then the
brand is not native, and the packages will not propagate.  Likewise,
on OpenSolaris (SunOS 5.11 after SXCE) any non-global zone you have is
a non-native (e.g. ipkg, solaris10) branded zone.

Mike Gerdts
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