On 10/25/10 09:36 AM, Anil wrote:
On 10/24/10 01:20 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
On 10/25/10 09:06 AM, Anil wrote:
I know we can do detach/attach to migrate zones, but is there another way (even a "hack")?

I am concerned about using zones, and if the global zone dies, I want to be able to move the zones to another system, with same or newer OS level. I have the zones on different ZFS pools, so I can move the actual zones by moving the disks.

What are some recommendations?

Read the zone migration documentation. The disaster recovery scenario you mention is described there.

Which document are you referring to? I came across one where it says that you simply have to attach the zone (and it suggested it may work even if it complains it hasn't been detached properly).

The administration guides at docs.sun.com.

That didn't work.

What exactly didn't work?

I often send working zones to clone server at a remote site and I haven't had any problems.


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