Could we see the zonecfg

On 02/11/2010 20:50, Paul Kraus wrote:
         I apologize for posting here, as this is not specifically an
OpenSolaris issue, but I have a support case open and am not making
any headway, and I need to complete the LU by the reboot window
tomorrow night.

- Solaris 10U8
- Current LU and Pkg/Patch admin patches applied
- One NG Zone on UFS
- OS on UFS
- About 300 ZFS datasets
- Separate /, /var, /opt

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

df -h -F ufs
Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
/dev/md/dsk/d7         9.6G   3.6G   5.9G    39%    /
/dev/md/dsk/d6         5.8G   1.2G   4.5G    22%    /var
/dev/md/dsk/d30        4.9G   1.8G   3.1G    38%    /zones
/dev/md/dsk/d31        7.9G   1.8G   6.0G    24%    /export/home
/dev/md/dsk/d32        4.9G   1.7G   3.2G    35%    /opt

sudo lucreate -n 10U9 -m /:/dev/md/dsk/d0:ufs -m /var:/dev/md/dsk/d4:ufs -m 
Determining types of file systems supported
Validating file system requests
Preparing logical storage devices
Preparing physical storage devices
Configuring physical storage devices
Configuring logical storage devices
Analyzing system configuration.
Comparing source boot environment<u8>  file systems with the file
system(s) you specified for the new boot environment. Determining which
file systems should be in the new boot environment.
Updating boot environment description database on all BEs.
Updating system configuration files.
The device</dev/dsk/c5t5000C5000774F56Bd0s0>  is not a root device for
any boot environment; cannot get BE ID.
Creating configuration for boot environment<10U9>.
Source boot environment is<u8>.
Creating boot environment<10U9>.
Creating file systems on boot environment<10U9>.
Creating<ufs>  file system for</>  in zone<global>  on</dev/md/dsk/d0>.
Creating<ufs>  file system for</opt>  in zone<global>  on</dev/md/dsk/d33>.
Creating<ufs>  file system for</var>  in zone<global>  on</dev/md/dsk/d4>.
Mounting file systems for boot environment<10U9>.
Calculating required sizes of file systems              for boot
Populating file systems on boot environment<10U9>.
Checking selection integrity.
Integrity check OK.
Populating contents of mount point</>.
Populating contents of mount point</opt>.
Populating contents of mount point</var>.
Creating shared file system mount points.
Copying root of zone<z01.nyc-sed3>  to</.alt.tmp.b-xwb.mnt/zones/01-10U9>.
Creating compare databases for boot environment<10U9>.
Creating compare database for file system</var>.
Creating compare database for file system</opt>.
Creating compare database for file system</>.
Updating compare databases on boot environment<10U9>.
Making boot environment<10U9>  bootable.
ERROR: unable to mount zones:
zoneadm: zone 'z01.nyc-sed3': zone root /zones/01-10U9/root is
reachable through /zones/01/root/.alt.tmp.b-M7b.mnt
zoneadm: zone 'z01.nyc-sed3': call to zoneadmd failed
ERROR: unable to mount zone<z01.nyc-sed3>  in</.alt.tmp.b-0Xe.mnt>
ERROR: unmounting partially mounted boot environment file systems
ERROR: cannot mount boot environment by icf file</etc/lu/ICF.1>
ERROR: Unable to remount ABE<10U9>: cannot make ABE bootable
ERROR: no boot environment is mounted on root device</dev/md/dsk/d0>
Making the ABE<10U9>  bootable FAILED.
ERROR: Unable to make boot environment<10U9>  bootable.
ERROR: Unable to populate file systems on boot environment<10U9>.
ERROR: Cannot make file systems for boot environment<10U9>.

zoneadm list -icv
   ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP
    0 global           running    /                              native   shared
    1 z01.nyc-xxxx     running    /zones/01                      native   shared

sudo lustatus
Boot Environment           Is       Active Active    Can    Copy
Name                       Complete Now    On Reboot Delete Status
-------------------------- -------- ------ --------- ------ ----------
u8                         yes      yes    yes       no     -
10U9                       no       no     no        yes    -

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