On 11/19/10 09:12 AM, Steve Lawrence wrote:
 What build are you upgrading from?

134 through 134b as recommended in the release notes.

Is this during the "attach -u" portion of the upgrade for each zone?

It happens after rebooting into the new BE. I didn't detach the zones before upgrading.

Can you gather any core files (or pstacks of core files)? These might be at <zonepath>/root/

pstack is short:

core '/tmp/xx/zoneRoot/webhost/root/core' of 3094:    /sbin/init
 feef3c97 _fxstat  (0, 8047560, 180, 8058927) + 7
 08058973 st_init  (fee201a8, 38, 0, fefccc54, 0, feffb804) + 8f
 080543dc main     (1, 8047f6c, 8047f74, feffb804) + 150
 0805418d _start   (1, 8047fe0, 0, 0, 7d8, 8047feb) + 7d

I can send the core (it's only 2MB) if that helps.

My "guess" is that init (in the zone) is starting using a downrev libc (aka libc not upgraded yet), and is making a system call that has changed. 12 is SIGSYS.


On 11/18/10 11:14 AM, Ian Collins wrote:
I run through the upgrade process on a system with half a dozen zones and on restart, they all get locked into a core dump/restart loop:

Nov 19 07:57:50 i7 genunix: [ID 729207 kern.warning] WARNING: init(1M) for zone webhost (pid 3094) core dumped on signal 12: restarting automatically

They all run through this cycle in tight loops.


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