On 11/19/10 10:11 AM, Steve Lawrence wrote:

On 11/18/10 12:38 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
On 11/19/10 09:12 AM, Steve Lawrence wrote:
 What build are you upgrading from?

134 through 134b as recommended in the release notes.

Is this during the "attach -u" portion of the upgrade for each zone?

It happens after rebooting into the new BE. I didn't detach the zones before upgrading.

Oh. I that case, you're zones are still downrev at build 134. You need to detach them, and attach them again with -u.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to detach them successfully with zoneadm detach. If not, you'll need to boot back to the 134 BE, detach them, and upgrade again.

OK, thanks Steve.

This should be made clear in the release notes. The current note isn't strong enough.


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