On 11/29/10 11:41 AM, Orvar Korvar wrote:
I wonder if it is possible to create a really thin zone? I mean, a zone where 
all software is used directly from the global zone, where only /var is 
duplicated in the local zone?

As of now, lots of files are copied from the global zone. For instance, 
/usr/bin/ls is copied from the global zone. Why can not the local zone use a 
link to the global zone's /usr directory instead?

What you describe is a Solaris sparse root zone. Anything using IPS packaging (OpenSolaris or Solaris 11 Express) does not support sparse root zones. With ZFS clones, very little is actually copied when creating a new zone. One created recently only has 151K allocated to its dataset.

And, in my global zone /usr directory I have several other programs that did 
not got copied to the local zone. Why is that?
Such as?

Not all packages in the global zone are coped to the new zone.


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