Hello Ketan,

On Dec 13, 2010, at 8:35 AM, Ketan wrote:

> One of our box T5440 has been configured with 5 zones and following resource 
> management parameters has been applied to 1 zone say zone1 
> zone.max-shm-memory     4G
> zone.max-locked-memory  4G
> so if i want to check the zone.max-locked-memory  what would be the best way 
> as if i try to use prstat -Z the RSS column shows 10G being used the by the 
> zone1 though max-locked-memory is set to 4G only

RSS memory does not mean that it is locked just that it is present in memory, 
with your setting you could have any amount of non-locked, non-share memory. I 
would have a look at the larger processes with using pmap with the x option, 
looking at the locked column and sizes.

If you want to limit the use of physical memory for the zone, try using rcapd 
(it does not limit the usage but tries to enforce it asynchronously by pushing 
out pages to disk).



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