What is the application? How do you know if the application requested more than 2.3GB of locked memory or not? One other thing, the T5540 has the largest memory latency times of all the CMT servers, so you could be seeing some of this.

Steve Lawrence wrote:
How much memory does the system have? Is it possible the system is paging? Look at vmstat output.


On 12/13/10 10:03 PM, Ketan wrote:
Hi Steve,

I meant either zone or project .. as i 'm having issue both in zone and project ..

the issue is same .. as per kstat the locked memory is around 2.3G and the value assigned (locked-memory ) is much larger but still application users are complaining they are experiencing a performance issue due to memory .. as they are checking the memory from the RSS column of prstat output for that particular zone/project which is larger than the locked memory as per kstat

See below output for the project

module: caps                            instance: 0
name:   lockedmem_project_2009          class:    project_caps
         crtime                          1201534.6985509
         snaptime                        5612713.3006914
         usage                           2147488563
         value                           12335423324
         zonename                        global

  1018    253   9125M    5913M   2.3%   46:44:54 1.5%     project2
      3      384   23G       15G        5.8%   23:11:58 0.5%    default
   1020    317   24G       22G        8.8%   29:09:16 0.3%    project1
      0       59    304M     259M      0.1%   101:14:15 0.1%  system
1013 175 7737M 5615M 2.1% 16:44:21 0.0% project3[b][/b][b][/b]
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