hello all,
i have a sun x4150 with 4 zones (b111). I want to upgrade to b134, before
upgrading to S11express.
The process fails. As a workourand, i'm trying to move zones on another
server in b134. So i'm tryng to follow the official document found here:
page 307.
It also fails when trying to attach a zone on the destination server:
zoneadm -z www2 attach -u
Log File: /var/tmp/www2.attach_log.oJaO4J
ERROR: no active dataset.

i've found this old thread:

in this thread, people were using zfs snapshots, in the official document
above, Sun proposes to use a simple tar.
Is it related?
Finally, what is the best way o move zones between machines?

another test (found in the official doc p 311) is failing:
he...@antigone:~$ pfexec zoneadm -z www2 detach -n | ssh electre 'pfexec
zoneadm attach -n -'
zoneadm: -: No such zone configured

that are many problems, aren't?

thanks in advance for help,

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