first, i found the following workaround:
and it works!

then, sun support helped me, and it seems that i hit the following bug:

Zones Cloned by Using zoneadm clone Can Cause a Snapshot Name Collision When
You Activate a Boot Environment (10990)

The use of the zoneadm clone command to create zones can cause a snapshot
name collision, which can lead to a failure or an infinite loop when you
activate a boot environment. Although this bug has been fixed in this
release, you may encounter this issue while upgrading from OpenSolaris
2009.06 to the Oracle Solaris 11 Express release.

Workaround: Before using image-update to update your system to the Oracle
Solaris 11 Express release, run the zoneadm detach command for each zone in
the OpenSolaris 2009.06 boot environment.

To reattach the zones:


      Update the image.

      # pkg image-update


      Boot into the boot environment that was created by image-update.

      Run the zoneadm attach -u command for each zone in the new boot

i've not tested it yet, but i'm confiant.

thanks for all replies,

2010/12/22 John D Groenveld <>

> In message <>, Ian Collins writes:
> >What happens if you detach the zones, upgrade and then reattach with -u?
> I think he's got two problems:
> his ZBEs in the detach zones aren't (un)mounted properly and
> his ZBEs are clones and the snapshots are confusing the hell
> out of him as much as they confused the hell out of me when
> I first played with that feature.
> # zonecfg -z foo
> # zfs list -r |grep foo
> # mount |grep foo
> We'll probably need to see the zfs properties for the ZBEs
> that refuse to attach -u.
> John
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