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> Hi All,
> How does one migrate a zone with a zfs root. This zone also contains UFS SAn 
> attached devices.

While you didn't specify a release of Solaris, I am assuming that you
are working with Solaris 10.  The instructions for this are at:


The instructions provided there are rather generic but are likely
workable for your situation, assuming that the data served from the
SAN is application data and not OS data.  A step that is not mentioned
is how to configure the storage devices and/or SAN fabric to allow the
other host to see the disks.  Zones likely do not add any complexity
to that task - it should be just a migration of storage from one
machine to the next when zones are not involved.  If the zonepath is
on the SAN, the "move the zonepath for my-zone to the new host" step
is unlikely to involve tar or sftp.  Rather, the steps will be along
of shutting down the zone, detaching it, doing implementation-specific
SAN-based storage migration tasks, attaching it, then booting it.

Without knowing specifics about what storage is on the SAN vs. on
local disk, it is hard to tell if there is anything especially tricky
that you need to deal with.

Mike Gerdts
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