Yes, I am running Solaris 10 and only the application data is on the SAN. 

I had seen this link previously. I understand this is explains moving the zfs 
root info. For the application data should I be doing the following. 

While Zone is on the original host. 
1.) shut down the app and database and ensure they will not start on boot.
2.) unmount the UFS mount points.
3.) comment out the UFS entries in the zone vfstab. 
4.) do the zone detach

On the new host.
4.) reconfigure the SAN to ensure the new host can see the UFS SAN mount points.
5.) do the zone attach. 
6.) boot the zone 
7.) test mounting the UFS SAN devices 
8.) correct the zone vfstab entries to ensure it contains the correct entries.
9.) halt the zone
10.) boot the zone to ensure the UFS SAN devices are mounted correctly at boot 
11.) start the database and App.

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