Hi John,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Being new to zones, would you mind explaining a 
bit more the steps required to accomplish this?

I created a second VNIC, vboxzone1, inside the global zone. I added that second 
VNIC to the non global zone using zonecfg -> add net -> set physical=vboxzone1. 
I then unplumbed it since zoneadm was complaining it was in use in the global 
zone ("skipping network interface 'vboxzone1' which is used in the global 
zone"). You mentioned it needs to be plumbed, but I'm not sure how to 
accomplish that. I also added a new file '/etc/hostname.vboxzone1' inside the 
zone with 'vboxzone' and 'down' inside of it.

Now, inside the zone I see the 2 VNICs, but both of them have the same ip. You 
mentioned setting the ethernet addess to the VNICs. What do you mean by this? 

Thanks for your help!
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