Paul Fronberg wrote:
> What does nfs_global_client_only do?

You don't want to use it.  ;-}

It was a hack that I added some years ago to allow non-global zones to
'borrow' the global zone's credentials when acting as an NFS client.
It's intended to work *only* in a jumpstart environment, and nowhere
else.  If you use it in a running system, you're quite on your own.

> We've had to set this flag to get a kernel module (issuing a VOP_GETATTR) to 
> work
> properly when accessing an NFS mounted partition in a non-global zone.
> The kernel modure appears to be running in the global zone and is issuing a 
> cross-zone
> request to an NFS mount in a non-global zone.

It sounds to me like your kernel module may need to be rewritten to
understand zones.

I don't think I can provide help with that, but perhaps Oracle can.

> I haven't been able to find much documentation about this.

See section 5.2 of this document:

It intentionally has no system documentation, because it's intended for
internal use and thus may change behavior or disappear without warning
-- even in a patch.  Only things that are actually intended for use by
users, administrators, or third party developers are included in the
system documentation.

The paperwork required to use that sort of interface within Sun:

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