Dear Forum

I'm not sure where exactly is the right place to post this message because
quite a lot of things are involved.

First an overview of the setup :

(OSOL)=[FS Share]=(Zone)-(VirtualBox)<-[Shared Folder]->(VM Ubuntu 10.10)

Host : OpenSolaris 134b
VirtualBox : 4.0.4
Guest : Ubuntu 10.10
VDI File : Inside the Zone
CPU : AMD Athlon 64 X2

VirtualBox runs in a zone. In this zone I add a file system to the 
host file system (tank/data). Inside VirtualBox I run Ubuntu 10.10. 
I have a mount point (mount -t vboxsf myshare /mnt) to the Zone FS (tank/data)

So far it works great. I have access inside my VM to tank/data. 
When I mount an ISO Image (mount -o loop myiso.iso /media/iso) / (ISO is inside
the VM)
It works for a moment. After couples of minutes (Access to the ISO, copy data
to the Zone FS (tank/data)) my whole system (OSOL Host) freeze / hard hang
without any message! No entries in the system logs.

This behaviour I experience also with VirtualBox 3.2.8

Anyone knows about this problem or have similar problems?

Best regards,
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