Hi Mates,

We have a complex env. with root on ZFS, zones and zpools and booting 
environments. I have been experiencing lots of issues (now and then) while 
using the LU feature to patch OS. I usually end up fixing mountpoints, promote 
lingering databsets etc.

So I am now inclined of "still" using LU to patch systems but before touching 
the system, I am planning to do "zpool split rpool rpool2" to be on the safer 
side! I know booting from rpool is not clean yet and gives some errors like 
dump,swap,vfstab etc.. but at least you have option to failback!  

I am inclined bcos one of my mates, lost major zone/zonepath (on zfs ds) while 
trying to fix mountpoint / promote clone etc...

What say?

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