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What is the best practice for passing Display variables in labeled zones.  I have heard about all-zones interfaces and unix domain sockets for passing the display variable.  I however am finding it hard to find documentation on setting these configurations up.  Any help would be helpful.

It depends on what release of Solaris you are using. In Oracle Solaris 11 Express, unix domain sockets are used by default. That means that no networking configuration is required for labeled zones to connect to the multilevel destktop services running in the global zone. For Solaris 10 releases, you can share a single IP address (and the associated hostname) with all zones, using txzonemgr. This is known as an all-zones configuration. You can also just use DISPLAY=localhost:0 since lo0 is an all-zones interface.

There are configuration instructions for various Solaris versions available for Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11 Express on the OpenSolaris site:



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