Hello All;

I have been asked to create a zone on a shared LUN which will enable us to detach and attach the zone onto another system (exactly same hardware architecture).

So I have create a ZFS Pool and specified the zonepath to be on root filesystem of that pool


zfs create -m /zones/webzone webpool <san_disk>

The above creates a ZFS pool called "webpool" and mounts to /zones/webzone.

I have then in zonecfg specified the following

zonecfg:webzone>  # zonecfg -z webzone
webzone: No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:webzone> create
zonecfg:webzone> set zonepath=/zones/webpool
zonecfg:webzone> set ip-type=exclusive

Upon a need to detach, I will shutdown the zone and detach as follows ..

# zoneadm -z appzone detach

And then deport the ZFS Pool webpool

#zpool deport webpool

On the other system, I would then

#zpool import webpool

And start the Zone (assuming of course the zone XML file has already been imported and created on the 2nd node).

Is the above the best way to do things?

Warmest Regards
Steven Sim
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