Following this recipe to migrate my non-global S10 zones to S11X:

cpio(1) fails due >= 8GB filesize limit. (See largefile(5).)

Using pax results in a zone with foobar'd permissions.
S10# pax -w -@ -p e -x xustar -f /zones/my-zone.pax my-zone
S11# zoneadm -z my-zone attach -a /zones/my-zone.pax

If I extract my-zone.pax and attach with -d, the zone's permissions
appears kosher.
S11# pax -r -@ -p e -f /zones/my-zone.pax
S11# zoneadm -z my-zone attach -d /zones/my-zone

I'm guessing zoneadm(1M)'s call to pax(1) with -a pax_archive is broken
and zoneadm(1M)'s underlying use of cpio(1) with -d zone/root has the
filesize limit.


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