Orvar Korvar wrote:
> There are speculations that future Microsoft Windows OS, will only be a 
> kernel. And each program will be installed in an individual VM created for 
> that program. Hence, the kernel would be minimalistic and not bloated.
> Can not something similar be done to Solaris? For instance, small Kernel, and 
> everything installed in separate zones? This requires that Solaris Zones can 
> be very minimilastic, they read the system files from the Kernel install, and 
> write in it's own filesystem.

Given that (in the current design) all non-global zones share a single
system kernel, and VMs are definitely not in use, I don't see how moving
functionality out into non-global zones will change kernel bloat one way
or the other.  Zones avoid the overhead of traditional VMs by not being
actual VMs.

Perhaps instead of "Zones," you actually mean "xVM/Xen."  If so, then,
yes, that might be possible.  It's merely a matter of software (much
would have to be written to proxy operations across VMs) and performance
(just about all message-passing schemes I've seen were slower than
non-message-based equivalents).

Although possible, it's unclear to me whether any of that would be
desirable.  "So, what problem is it you're solving here?"

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