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Is it supported to use a hostname rather than an IP address when creating a new interface for a zone? This will not be the primary interface for the zone.

I have a need to do this because the IP address needs to change when we bring this zone up at our DR site. The primary interface is managed by a Sun Cluster Logical Hostname resource. Different cluster at DR, so we are able to define a different IP for the logical hostname. I'd rather define any additional "virtual" interfaces at the zone layer, hence my need to put a hostname, rather than an IP address in the zone config.

Yes, see zonecfg(1m)

     net: address, allowed-address, configure-allowed-address,
     physical, defrouter

         The net resource represents the assignment of a physical
         network  resource to a zone. The resource must exists in
         the global zone prior to the assignment.

         The network address and physical interface name  of  the
         network interface. The network address is one of:

             o    a valid IPv4 address,  optionally  followed  by
                  "/" and a prefix length;

             o    a valid IPv6 address, which must be followed by
                  "/" and a prefix length;

             o    a host name which resolves to an IPv4 address.
         Note that host names that resolve to IPv6 addresses  are
         not supported.


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