Hung-Sheng Tsao (Lao Tsao ??) Ph.D. wrote:
> current s10 zone user will not  be unhappy when  move to s11
> 1)there is no sparse zone in s11 (yet)
> 2)there is no v2v from s10 zone to s11 zone (yet)
> 3)zfs dataset requirement
> 4)people just does not like changes

Given the changes in packaging and patching between S10 and S11 and
(last I checked) lack of a direct upgrade path from one to the other,
I'd be really surprised if the above issues were all that significant.

In particular, the ZFS-based upgrade mechanism is substantially easier
to use and works much better than what we had for S10.  Forcing users to
put zones on distinct ZFS datasets seems to me like a trivial matter
that ends up simplifying and providing a lot of benefit.

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