carlopmart wrote:
> Thanks James. And yes, If I use shared IP as ip-type all works ok
> out-of-the-box. And as you say, it seems a bug.
> Where can I find samples about doing a bridge between physical interface
> host and vnic??

I think something like this should work:

        dladm create-bridge -l e1000g0 mybridge

The man page for 'dladm' has more information.  I'm pretty sure we wrote
a chapter for the administrator's guide, but I'm no longer sure how to
find that.

Note that this is just a hack.  What you really should be looking for is
a fixed e1000g driver that handles the multiple unicast slots properly,
or one that at least allows you to disable the slots so that the VNIC
logic is forced to use promiscuous mode itself.

You might try  They may have other ideas.

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